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photolog: Meegan Had Some Sweet New Tattoos

[Skin Art]

Meegan Had Some Sweet New Tattoos
Talking ink: Low Gallery in Barrio Logan at a mid-summer show during ComicCon

by Reviewer Rob

I had both my Nikons hanging on my neck this night with the goal of playing around with their capabilities. The D5200 and D5300 were set on their fastest ISOs for a shoot at Meegan’s […]

Reviewer TV: Art For Bernie

[Reviewer TV]

True Delorenzo Does Art For The Bernie Sanders’ Campaign
photolog 5-22-16: Thumbprint Gallery

video interview and photos by Reviewer Rob

Click the pics for larger.

True Delorenzo and His tribute to Bernie ala’ Roy Lichtenstein.

Outside Thumbprint Gallery 5-22-16 for the Bernie Sanders’ art benefit.

comic art review: Weltworld

Scott Harrison’s Weltworld

reviewed here by Chase Lisbon
from his page at

It’s been a couple of weeks since I got my issues of “Weltworld” in the mail. I love Scott Harrison. If you are a tattooer and don’t know who he is, than you are wrong. If you know Scott and haven’t been in an argument […]

Enrique Limón on Art Fist Collective

Heavy Handed: Art Fist, Your Mom


By Katherine Sweetman

THE ART FIST COLLECTIVE — a curatorial team that’s breaking the rules and making shit happen…

YOUR MOM is up now through May 25th. Closing reception on Friday, May 25th, 6-10pm at Zepf Alt.
The Art Fist Collective (Jim Garry, Leanne Garry and Enrique Limón) have put together their 5th, kick-ass […]

Art Fist Collective presents

Art Fist Collective presents “Your Mom,” a group art show with a Freudian twist, May 11th


Art Fist Collective presents “Your Mom,” a group art show with a Freudian twist.

Friday May 11th, 6-11pm, Zepf Alt Gallery, 1150 7th Ave. Downtown San Diego

with live performance by Granny Pearl

mom-inspired works […]

Spotlight Chicago, IL: Tom Torluemke,

An Essay on Artist Tom Torluemke


By Kevin Freitas

A pocket full of posies;
Hush! hush! hush! hush!
We’re all tumbled down.

“Though it seems at times as if nothing could rout him out of the inertia in which he is entrenched, it is quite possible that he may one day be shocked into a greater state of […]

Create at Will: An Interview with Adam Murillo

By Katherine Sweetman


Two life-like dinosaur heads were sticking out of the walls at an art opening at 57 degrees. It was as if someone had hunted them for sport and mounted their heads as trophies — this was the first work I saw by artist Adam Murillo.


The curator of the event, Guy Lombardo, introduced […]

The RAW-ist of the RAW

Interview with Erleen Nada


By Katherine Sweetman

It was a Thursday night, and I went downtown to see a “show” at 4th & B put on by a national “independent arts organization, for artists, by artists” called RAW. I went especially to see one particular artist/musician, Erleen Nada, because I’d seen a music video created by my […]

The Dark Arts of Dolls, Interview with Lynn Dewart

Lynn Dewart’s upcoming exhibition of work at Expressive Arts @ 32 & Thorn


By Katherine Sweetman

For almost 20 years artist and scholar Lynn Dewart has been creating magical, sculptural, figurative creatures. OK I’ll call them dolls. But these “dolls” aren’t for kiddies.


Well, perhaps some of them could be.

"Bone Baby"

For 17 years Lynn has […]

Art Fair Vital Necessity and Dirty Whore

Miami Art Scene


Art Fair Vital Necessity and Dirty Whore

By Katherine Sweetman

Each year thousands of patrons (65,000+ this year) make the pilgrimage to Art Basel Miami Beach and/or the countless other happenings, satellite fairs and parties that intentionally overlap this weekend of art-flavored events.

This was the 10th year for the Miami fair that’s billed as […]