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Scott Harrison’s Weltworld

reviewed here by Chase Lisbon
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It’s been a couple of weeks since I got my issues of “Weltworld” in the mail. I love Scott Harrison. If you are a tattooer and don’t know who he is, than you are wrong. If you know Scott and haven’t been in an argument with him, than you are also wrong, you don’t know Scott. I’ve never seen anything like Weltworld before. I was expecting to look at some doodles for a few minutes and then forget them. Instead i found myself questioning my entire life, while trying not to throw up. At times I could relate to the internal battle that was so clearly coming out on the paper, and at other times I found myself unexpectedly laughing. I have no idea how he put such high frequency thoughts into such a low brow vehicle, but it’s a truly fascinating mix, albeit disgusting at times. Most importantly to me, it’s great to see an artist doing something they are truly passionate about. It’s funny how quickly most of us will spend $6 on an impulse buy for cheap plastics at a corporate franchise, but we will think twice before supporting an artist that puts his soul into his work.

Weltworld, by Scott Harrison.
Weltworld, by Scott Harrison.

Chase Lisbon is the mad genius behind the original hipster erotica website Supercult and we reviewed his new wordless 2014 art video WE MUST REMAIN THE WILD HEARTED OUTSIDERS here recently. ~Editor

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