The personal saga of Cori Cat, sober bartender

[Reviewer TV] “Being a human being is being a herd animal.” Cori Cat is a working bartender in North County San Diego who has been in the business for 22 years, almost half of which as a sober person who manages her trade without the use of any drugs or alcohol. Here’s her Reviewer TV interview. I’ve always been interested […]

Paying the Hair Lady

[Integral] Taking care of the hair care professional Here’s a two-part clip that’s 3 minutes long and posted mainly for its audio. It’s from the other day when I needed a haircut and was under the impression it was still only $12. That’s what the sign on the front of the store displayed boldly. So I gave her the $12 […]

YouTube review: Unraveling The Ukraine Crisis

[Podcast] EverydaySpy Andrew Bustamante @EverydaySpy, 37.7K subscribers, 170 videos Andrew Bustamante is an ex-CIA officer previously in the Air Force as a nuclear code key-holder in an underground missile base. He’s surprisingly open on his channel about spycraft techniques as a recently deactivated spook. One may wonder about the hows and whys of this. Maybe he’s just adept at avoiding […]

movie review: Recordially Yours

[Documentary] San Diego Rare Americana Authority Lou Curtiss Remembered Director: Yale Strom, Run Time: 70 min., Release Year: 2023 Last night, I saw the documentary about Folk Art Rare Records owner Lou Curtiss called Recordially Yours at Digital Gym on Market Street. Good flick, but it could have had more of Curtiss’ origin story. It began his tale when he […]