photo archive: Fleshies at Scolari’s

North Park Dive Bar Pics 20 years ago… Photos from a show with Oakland punk rock band The Fleshies at a packed-out Scolari’s Office on 30th Street in in or around 2003 when that band was touring for their album The Sicilian. The second photo, below, was printed on the cover of Reviewer the next month when Reviewer was all […]

cd review: Don Luster Sings, Only Human

album review: The Funerals, OINK

The Funerals, OINK The Funerals are a Mexican punkrock band from the Distrito Federal of Mexico City. Their new release of 11 tracks is on Bandcamp called OINK and it’s hardcore to the max, iconoclastic angry anti-everything, tight machine gun drums, aggressive vocals, unashamed and unconcerned with who or what is offended. My favorites are track 4, Strange Girl, and […]

Natalia Hosenkampf Coconuts And Pineapples

FWSD23 Coverage Natalia Hosenkampf, fashion designer of Coconuts And Pineapples, interviewed at Fashion Week San Diego 2023 by Reviewer TV.