Is “Artificial Intelligence” beneath itself?

[Word Salad] The Universal Brain of AI Why denigrate AI with such dismissive language? “Artificial Intelligence” as a term is beginning to seem inappropriate. Given its pervasiveness throughout our smartphone and cyber-run society, it seems less artificial than it does integral. So it’s intelligence that’s man-made, who cares? When you slide into your car do you say you’re engaging in […]

Black’s Beach, 1997.

[Analog] 35mm, waterproof disposable. Fun day. So here’s skinny young me out at Black’s during the summer of 1997 when I lived in North Park. That was such a great board. I was stoked to be on the graphite glassed J Curran that I had with me, and that’s why I’m leaning on the front of it to show its […]

2 Christmas Restaurant Reviews

[Restaurant Reviews] Restaurants: Spice Lounge & Ototo Sushi Co. (Sushi Ren)     Spice Lounge, 859 Hornblend St, San Diego, CA 92109   [This first review is from last night, 12-23-23. The photo up top is from when my order arrived at Spice Lounge.] I ate at The Spice Lounge tonight, and had great curry chicken with even better garlic […]

Today in History

Judith by Fionnuala Brigman Judith has forever been one of my favorite women in theology and I am prepping for the 6th night of Chanukah on which I will read the story with Millie and that of Simeon, and discuss women’s roles in history and religion. Coincidentally Tuesday is both the 6th night of Chanukah and Rosh Chodesh, the new […]