San Diego Rare Americana Authority Lou Curtiss Remembered

Director: Yale Strom, Run Time: 70 min., Release Year: 2023

Last night, I saw the documentary about Folk Art Rare Records owner Lou Curtiss called Recordially Yours at Digital Gym on Market Street. Good flick, but it could have had more of Curtiss’ origin story. It began his tale when he came to San Diego. Where was he born? Did they mention that? I didn’t catch it if they did. I want to see it again though. Plenty of good clips of Jack Tempchin, Mojo Nixon, A.J Croce, and Gregory Page, among others, and good music too. This is a tale that was ripe to tell. Lou Curtiss had an influence that went worldwide and continued to this day. I also wish they could have included more of the Tom Waits/Jack Tempchin duet, an impossible-to-find song about being marooned in a bar in Tijuana. Great documentary though with some fine and important San Diego music history. #recordiallyyours #loucurtiss #folkartsrarerecords #bluegrass #country #americana #sandiegomusic

Folk Arts Rare Records on India Street.
Folk Arts Rare Records on India Street.

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