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Andrew Bustamante is an ex-CIA officer previously in the Air Force as a nuclear code key-holder in an underground missile base. He’s surprisingly open on his channel about spycraft techniques as a recently deactivated spook. One may wonder about the hows and whys of this. Maybe he’s just adept at avoiding talk of sources and methods that would get him a knock on the door. Or maybe after the former U.S. president’s tenure, the CIA may be looking for a good face to put out there to bump up its public image and improve recruitment and inter-agency morale. Depending on the video you first land on as a new viewer you could think Bustamante is either a solid self-help lifehack teacher or kind of a nutcase. Maybe he’s both. With his crazy big dark mane of hair, he looks like a young New Age guru type from Central Casting. But he speaks of international politics with the confidence of a Senator or State Department wonk. His instructional tutorials are useful in unexpected ways, for example: “Small Gift, Big Hack”. Bustamante has an effective style of driving his point home with the power of threes, offsetting his audience’s ADD as he repeats a lesson’s point three times, reducing the chance of a miss with the short attention span of his millennial audience.

Here today we see The Agency’s current top Gen-X face on YouTube expanding on his theories about the recent Ukrainian/Russia drama that had the news channels all abuzz. People were all like o-boy o-boy Putin’s going dowwwnnnnnn! Yeah, didn’t happen like that. Then up pops good ol’ Andrew Bustamante the next day to set the record straight and add The Big Picture view to the headlines. This is why I follow him. He’s proactive and often bearish when it comes to criticizing the mainstream media. It would have boosted the reliability level of the video posted below if a mention would have been made of the purported reason for the Wagner head’s displeasure. But there was no mention of Yevgeny Prigozhin’s accusations of the undermining of Wagner by the Russian Army generals, or how it is claimed Wagner was hampered by denied ammunition. Instead, it’s all painted by Bustamante as a ruse, a massive psyop scheme by Putin, Prigozhinto, and Aleksandr Lukashenko the leader of Belarus (all cronies) to draw attention away from a strategic redeployment to Belarus and a strategic repositioning of Wagner along with regular troops from Russia to within striking distance of Kyiv, Ukraine’s capitol, which let’s not forget last year when the war began YouTube bloggers were certain would be taken by that winter.

There’s a suspicion Bustamante may be bullish on Russia’s prospects in the long run because he knows he’s not going to compete with CNN and wants his audience to come to his channel with the hopes of getting a counterpoint to the Ukrainian cheerleading by the left-wing media. Winston Churchill once famously said, “I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest.” So maybe Andrew Bustamante is right in this video. Perhaps the recent controversy in Russia is all a scam and the mainstream media is duped. Or maybe things are exactly as they seem, that Wagner’s march toward Moscow actually did put the fear into Vladimir Putin and really did legitimately threaten the generals Prigozhinto reportedly dislikes so much. Only time will tell, and that time may be simply a matter of days.

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