The Unabomber Manifesto, reprinted

Unabomber Future Described A full preprint of Ted Kaczynski’s Manifesto, “Industrial Society and Its Future” It’s a pdf, so if you hate those might as well pass. That’s what it is. Otherwise click HERE or on the image displayed below of the introduction page.

Deleted Video Interview

[Reviewer TV] When I Introduced Jenny Bombshell Here’s an upload of a ReviewerMag video interview I made of Jennifer Peacher, my apartment manager back when I lived in Ocean Beach, San Diego. After being there for a couple of years I discovered she was a performer on a soft core porn site for “Big Beautiful Women” and although she didn’t […]

My Dog Zeke

[Good Deeds] Keeping A Stray Okay this is corny but here’s the only two photos I have of my Zeke. He was an Australian sheepdog / retriever mix, so people told me who appeared to know breeds. Best dog anyone could ever want. He was a stray I picked up when I was living in Encinitas in the mid-1980’s. One […]

New Year Resolutions

[Fresh Beginnings] Plans For 2023 I’ve never been one for new year’s resolutions, party because speaking about plans can be like allowing them to be jinxed. Yeah I know that’s superstitious. I never had to quit smoking or begin a weight loss campaign. I’ve also never wanted to start something that’s historically been doomed for failure according to popular thought […]