We’re Breaking Up Already, Babe?

Deerhoof The Breakup Song Polyvinyl Records, 2012 Review by Kent Manthie Tweet This year, so far, has been a pretty good year for indie music. In the early part of 2012 we received a couple other bands’ albums also on the Polyvinyl Records roster: Owen’s whimsical, at times and always introspective Ghost Town as well […]

CD review: Hate & Love by El Pathos

New Music From AustinTweet El Pathos Hate & Love Saustex Media, 2012 Review by Kent Manthie Austin, Texas’s El Pathos have broken through in 2012 to rave reviews and platitudes that run the gamut from the subtle to the sublime. The one blurb that caught my attention was one from Rank & Review, which gushed […]

Two New 7-inches from Saustex Media

New Vinyl from SaustexTweet Churchwood Just the Two of Us Saustex Media, 2012 Reviewed by Kent Manthie Churchwood are back. After a much-heralded self-titled debut CD, they’re back with this special edition 7 inch vinyl record, Just the Two of Us. But, don’t worry if you don’t have a turntable: when you buy the 7 […]

Nate Kinsella’s Birthmark – new release!

New Music from PolyvinylTweet Birthmark Antibodies Polyvinyl Records, 2012 Review by Kent Manthie The third full-length CD by Birthmark, Nate Kinsella’s solo project, entitled Antibodies is out now, on Polyvinyl Records. Antibodies is such a beautiful album, you can tell that Nate went through a lot work in the studio, making everything sound so perfect; […]

THE BOX – the SWEAT box, that is…

Tweet Living in “the Box” A Brief History and Overview of El Cajon, CA By Kent Manthie Living in El Cajon is very different from living in San Diego, that’s for sure. Anyone who’s familiar with the various parts of San Diego County knows that out here, in the east part of the county, down […]