An “Unquiet” Storm

An “Unquiet” Storm Tweet Blaze Eisner An Unquiet Mind Self-Released, 2011 Reviewed by Kent Manthie Just came across this unique album by local guy, Blaze Eisner, entitled An Unquiet Mind. The album was put together with no label support, which, nowadays, is almost irrelevant. It’s a project that was done with two other people: Darla Hawn on drums and Rick […]

video short: “Pablo,” by Glambilly

[Art Film] video short: “Pablo,” by Glambilly

indy movie review: Trantastic

[Film] Trantastic Tweet from directed by Brandon Gadow music by Damn Laser Vampires, ∆AIMON, Paul Rey, The Jim Rowdy Show, Uncle Butcher indy movie review by Anjela Piccard [Editor’s note: to see the totally amazing Reviewer Magazine video interview with Leia and Brandon Gadow featuring Anjela Piccard click HERE.] There is point when introductory visuals actually take the cake. […]

art photos: Brittany

New ART-PHOTO Gallery Up! Tweet Brittany, the fine art model, in a set called Darkness. A flash gallery of the set is HERE. Click the sample composite pic below for larger version…