He’s Dead! Thank “god” for That!!

Fred Phelps: GOOD RIDDANCE! By Kent Manthie Well, finally, someone most people wanted to see go, went. While too often we read in the newspaper or see on TV, that so-and-so has died and it’s usually some brilliant mind who has all-too-tragically, died, usually far too young, not to say that it’s a shame when […]

Music Review: Magic Carpet Circus

[New Music]Of Montreal: Lousy With SylvanbriarFrom Polyvinyl Records, 2013Review by Kent Manthie Kevin Barnes’s traveling circus, aka Of Montreal are back. This time with new, mellow toxic gold (my italics) encased in the new CD, Lousy With Sylvanbriar. The tunes are smooth, groovy, laid back, a slight change from the whimsical wildness of Skeletal Lamping, […]

Lovely, Raw and Wicked Licks

Hickoids Tweet Hairy Chafin’ Ape Suit Saustex Media Review by Kent Manthie Austin, TX’s Saustex Media has proudly just released the newest from South Texas legends, Hickoids, a band whose history goes way back to 1984. Their original “run” went from ’84 to 1991. It was in those heady days before technology and robots took […]

Rumba Rush

Lili Anel I Can See Bliss From Here Wall-I Records Review by Kent Manthie Tweet A new album’s worth of music is out now from Lili Anel, entitled I Can See Bliss From Here, a really smooth, jazz-based sound; one from which one can hear ‘bliss’. On this new CD, Lili’s collaborated with Dale Melton […]

new music: TRILINGUAL ep

[New Music Review]Trails and Ways Trilingual EPTweetSelf-Released, 2013Review by Kent Manthie Oakland-based indie delights Trails and Ways have just released Trilingual, an EP that this Bay Area quartet recorded on their own, with no label support, in a collective “house”-cum-studio in Oak-town, called T. Rex Manor. The four of them, two guys and two gals, […]