Man or Astroman? Defcon 5

[New Music]Man or Astroman? Defcon 5Tweet5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Communicating Vessels Review by Kent Manthie After TWELVE long years of absence, the space-surf-punk trio, Man or Astroman? Have finally reunited – at first it was to play a few reunion gigs and soon turned into a full-fledged comeback. The new album, with the original three […]

Nihilistic Devil or Misunderstood Genius?

[New Books]The Luminous Memories of Alexander VileTweetA new novella by author Natasha Jones, available for $4.95 on AmazonReviewed by Kent Manthie In the short story, The Luminous Memories of Alexander Vile, Natasha Jones has, with a pen, painted a wonderfully interesting portrait of a man who takes in a young orphan, not a newborn, mind […]

Country music to help you get over Country music

The Beaumonts Where Do You Want It from Saustex Media, 2013 Review by Kent Manthie On this second of CDs by a quintet from Lubbock, Texas’s, The Beaumonts, entitled Where Do You Want It we get a follow-up from their debut as The Beaumonts “continue to right the wrongs of the recent musical past…” (from […]

The (#2) Churchwood wants your soul

Churchwood Churchwood 2 Saustex Media Reviewed by Kent Manthie   Churchwood is back, this time with a new full length album, simply entitled Churchwood 2. This Austin, TX band is a wild bunch of snake-eyed rhythm devils. Those who remember their debut album and were wowed by it will be delighted to revel in this […]

Tex-Mex Garage Rock Supreme!

The Copper GaminsLos Ninos de Cobre Saustex Media, 2012 Reviewed by Kent Manthie The Copper Gamins are keeping things going with their new CD, Los Ninos de Cobre. It is a follow up to their debut EP from last year (2012). They bring an authenticity with their love of the blues and they take their […]