Japanese Contemporary Artist – SHINICHI SUGIMOTO

By Anjela Piccard Visiting Artist SHINICHI SUGIMOTO “City of Gravity”Tweet One of the oldest and most famous metropolises in Japan, Kyoto, undoubtedly inspires the work of artist Shinichi Sugimoto. This international exhibition titled “City of Gravity” transcends its literal translation, “movement of energy”, and guides us toward a fragmented and dystopic urban chaos. This series […]

Interview with Artist Chris Trueman @White Box Contemporary

[Video Q&A]Chris Trueman Discusses His New SeriesTweetLineage, a solo exhibition of new paintings by Chris Trueman Posted by Katherine Sweetman video interview HERE and below “Lineage” A solo exhibition of new paintings by Chris Trueman For his third solo exhibition with White Box Contemporary Trueman expands on a developing body of work that revolves around […]

FREE SEX: A practical introduction to open relationships and swinging

eBook on Open Relationships, Available on Amazon Posted by Katherine Sweetman With eyes closed, I savor the kiss. Tongues chasing. Suction. Separation. I open my eyes to see a beautiful Japanese woman grinning back at me. I’m standing fully naked in the main room of a sex club in central Japan. I look down to […]

The 3D of COSPLAY: Interview with Director/Producer team Gulliver Parascandolo and Christine Kasal

[Interview]The 3D of COSPLAYTweetDirector-Producers Gulliver Parascandolo and Christine KasalInterview conducted, article written and posted by Katherine Sweetman [3D COSPLAY (Costume play)] I work in the 3D film production industry, and I’ve met a lot of people in this field, but I have never met anyone as passionate about 3D as Gulliver Parascandolo and Christine Kasal. This enthusiastic […]

Ekstrə Records Launch & Interview with Founder Aaron Hastings

[Dance Music]Aaron Hastings Brings “The Big Sexy Vibes” Tweet   “… I was educated in trance, house and breakbeats.” Interview conducted, article written and posted by Katherine Sweetman Aaron Hastings aka ARKON is the founder of the newly established ekstrə records (pronounced “extra” records) and the owner of Ajna Art Studio in San Diego. He started his […]