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FREE SEX author Ben Burns, doing research, obviously.
FREE SEX author Ben Burns, doing research, obviously.
With eyes closed, I savor the kiss. Tongues chasing. Suction. Separation. I open my eyes to see a beautiful Japanese woman grinning back at me. I’m standing fully naked in the main room of a sex club in central Japan. I look down to see five other attractive women licking, kissing, rubbing, and groping various parts of my body. The pleasure is overwhelming and I have to plead with them to stop…before they cause this moment of ecstasy to end too soon. I take a breath and look over to a nearby sofa and lock eyes with my fiance, who watches me intently. She sips on a cocktail and smiles lovingly back at me.

Rock stars don’t live this well.

Welcome to my world.

-Excerpt from the ebook, FREE SEX – A Practical Introduction To Open Relationships And Swinging

Author Ben Burns has an interesting bio. He went to State University of New York at Buffalo for Media Studies, the Francisco Art Institute for a Masters Degree in Film, he moved to Japan, then at some point he moved to Vietnam. Somewhere in there he joined the San Jose punk band Preachers That Lie, and opened for bands like The Dead Kennedys and TSOL (he’s still in this band and comes to the US to play periodically). Somewhere else in there he wrote a book on open relationships, something he’s been doing for over 25 years, and somewhere else in there he owned a bar in the backpacker district of Ho Chi Minh City.

His latest book, FREE SEX, was recently made available through Amazon, for less than 3$!

I ask Ben Burns why YOU should pick up a copy of his book, and his answer follows:

FREE SEX is a self-help book about living a freer, happier life. Learn how to break free from jealousy to enjoy more from life. Learn how to create healthier, more stable relationships that are based on honesty and open communication. FREE SEX provides options on how to live a better, more sexually satisfying life.

Even those in (yawn) monogamous relationships can benefit from the advice in this book. All couples can improve their communication, increase trust, and share their sexual desires more openly with their partners.

But if you are interested in sampling some of the joys of a sexually free lifestyle, this book will walk you through the whole range of possibilities.. from talking openly about sex with your partner, to allowing each other a limited degree of sexual freedom. all the way to free-for-all group sex and swinging.

If you want more freedom, if you want to keep the best parts of being single while being in a relationship, if you want more joy, more experience, more fun in your life, or if you simply want to learn about open relationships and swinging… this is the book for you.

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