Revolt Nights

[People From The Past!] Dave Curtin | Chaos Prods Dave Curtin was a House music dj and the business partner of Mike Myers (I think that was his spelling) back in 1989 at Sybil’s Down Under, an Australian brewery nightclub at 4th and Island. FLUXX is there now. Mike and Dave had a production company they called Chaos Productions that […]

North Park Preggy Model

After Dick’s Last Resort 35mm conversions: print scan North Park Nude disrobing: here’s a batch of 4 original run Sav-On color prints scanned from a photo session in 1999* or so, The Matrix was in the theaters at the time so this girl and her boyfriend (the father of her kid?) were enthusiastically suggesting to me that I see it. […]

Mission Beach Art Model

Check me ouuuuut. I’m an artist. Drawing a model I pulled off the beach in my Mission Boulevard one-room upstairs studio I rented for $450 per month, summer 1991. Censored with red markups and social media. ~RR

Snake Girl Summer

[Reviewer TV] Snaky Friends Video Interview: Snake Lady Summer, at the Reviewer account at Patreon and Substack.