North Park Preggy Model

After Dick’s Last Resort

35mm conversions: print scan

Pregnant art model.
Pregnant art model.

North Park Nude disrobing: here’s a batch of 4 original run Sav-On color prints scanned from a photo session in 1999* or so, The Matrix was in the theaters at the time so this girl and her boyfriend (the father of her kid?) were enthusiastically suggesting to me that I see it. They’d come to my apartment after answering an ad I’d placed in the SD Weekly Reader’s free classifieds looking specifically for a pregnant model. I was in a pregnant nude art model phase. It was the month Dick’s Last Resort downtown was having their big annual pregnant bikini model contest and I wanted to see if I could get some of the action. My model here hadn’t won the contest but she and her dude came over to my place that same night immediately after she got the runner-up position. It turned out she was also a stripper at The Body Shop, next to Les Girls, and probably getting plenty of game from the pervs who are into pregnant strippers and all that sort of pervy pervations. I shot lots of 35mm color Sav-On film of her and we had some fun. She did a trick with paper matches where she wore them on her erect nipples as they were lit, got photos of that. She demonstrated she was lactating, more photos. A good pregnant art model with a nice full body studio tan. #pregnantnudemodel #pregantartnude #preggy #prego #northparkartstudio #reviewermagazine #reviewermag #reviewertv #reviewer #newgirl #newmodel

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