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Dave Curtin | Chaos Prods

Dave Curtin was a House music dj and the business partner of Mike Myers (I think that was his spelling) back in 1989 at Sybil’s Down Under, an Australian brewery nightclub at 4th and Island. FLUXX is there now. Mike and Dave had a production company they called Chaos Productions that teamed up with Trevor Watson of Revolt In Style Magazine every Thursday night for Club Berlin where I’d shoot photos of the dancefloor and the party and the publicity pics would get in the Revolt party pages. Here’s Dave in a dj booth around that time. It’s from 1989 or ’90, either at Club Berlin or a Revolt night at Rios in Point Loma — Dave said it looks like Berlin — with a surly looking Trevor in the background. The second pic is when I caught Dave in 2004 or so having a surf at Sunset Boulevard in Malibu when I was up in L.A. doing distro for Reviewer. I remember Dave as a likeable guy who kept sort of a low profile and seemed to know everyone. The only time I had any interaction with him was once when Trevor, always a chintzy fuck, didn’t want to pay me at the end of the night from shooting his precious club pics. Trev had been drinking, me too, and we were at the door starting to get loud. Then Curtin rushed up and wanted to know what the problem was. I said I needed to get paid, he asked how much it was (some small fee even for 1990). I told him and he quickly reached into the cash box and handed me the exact amount. Then he turned to Trevor, giving him an annoyed look of disgust and quickly walked away.

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