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Stormy’s friends in Vegas

Siouxsie Q & her daddy

video interview by Reviewer Rob

Stormy's friends in Las Vegas.
Stormy’s friends in Las Vegas.

Author, adult performer, and podcaster, Siouxsie Q is an industry associate and friend of the famous Stormy Daniels. Reviewer Rob spoke to Siouxsie Q and her daddy at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas last January and here’s what they said as news of Stormy’s torrid one-time lust affair with our current Commander-In-Chief broke.

Check out Siouxsie Q’s book, Truth, Justice, and the American Whore, on Amazon. We will have a review of it up shortly, SOON, we promise!

The following is a largely accurate transcript of the video interview for ReviewerTV at the bottom of the post here shot at AEE in January 2018 in Las Vegas of Siouxie Q and her “daddy” (boyfriend/companion) outside a panel discussion she was a speaker in. When the interview begins we were talking about how Stormy had brought the adult entertainment industry to everyone’s lips in the media business recently through her then-new lawyer Michael Avenatti and news of her decade-past affair with Donald Trump (aka Dennis Dennison). As the video begins Siouxsie’s daddy is speaking.

Siouxsie Q’s Daddy: To try to, drop porn into something again because porn is such a hot subject! it’s such a hot, such a hot word that you throw it you start throwing porn stars real names in, and they, you know (unintelligible)

Rob: If she would have went public, uh, in October, do you think he would have gotten elected? Or would it have been just another thing?

Siouxsie Q’s Daddy: I think it would have become a slander campaign against Stormy Daniels. I think that’s the real problem, I think that–

Siouxsie Q: Also I think the way in which Trump even became “elected”, “air quotes”, is-is, involved– He’s a reality TV star and so I think being very thoughtful about how you– As Jessica Drake was– being thoughtful about how you use your weaponry as a media personality, especially when you’re a sex worker, who’s to say? I don’t think we can go back to October and– Unless we have a time machine and go back and like see how all of that would have played out if she had come forward, I don’t know if we can know that and I think that the likelihood of it going the other way could have also been there, you know?

Rob: The timing was the Billy Bush thing on the bus came out, and then there this was like– he was like battling and she was pulling ahead (Hillary was) And then there was the Comey revelation with the emails, but in between that was when Stormy Daniels got the pay off and she decided not to go public, if that would have happened that might have pushed him over the edge, I think– I dunno.

Siouxsie Q: Hard to say.

Siouxie’s Daddy: Who’s to say? All I know is that as Stormy’s friend and as a confidant in many areas,she has not once broken character from what she’s done, which is just protecting everybody including herself, so, props to Stormy.

Siouxsie Q: When you’re dealing with a predator–

Siouxsie Q Daddy: Yeah, yeah, exactly.

Siouxsie Q: Like, I’m not gonna say “She should have done this!” it’s like, who knows what went down there, that guys a creep!

Siouxsie Q’s Daddy: Here’s the thing, the way it all plays, you don’t have to do anything, people don’t just start throwing hush money at you because you didn’t do anything.

Siouxsie Q: Yeah.

Siouxsie Q’s Daddy: People don’t start this chain of– this chain reaction because nothing happened.

Rob: But wasn’t he a married man? I mean his wife, Melania, was pregnant with her first child at the time, and that was the scandal, he didn’t abuse her did he?

Siouxsie Q’s Daddy: Maybe– but in my opinion non-scandal. What if they’re swingers, what if they’re poly, what if there’s something that they haven’t shared–

Rob: He was being supported by the religious right that was the whole thing.

Siouxie’s Daddy: Yeah but still I don’t care, I’m not one for throwing someone under the bus for the sort of thing, like, the religious right attacks as all.

Siouxsie Q: Consenting adults– (unintelligible)

Siouxsie Q’s Daddy: Yeah sorry if your backroom party has some things that may not agree with your lifestyle, but I do not believe in trying to tear Trump down for something that I am in support of.

Siouxsie Q: [laughs] Absolutely.

Rob: No, yeah I was just saying that was the timing of everything, the way it happened– background.

Siouxsie Q’s Daddy: Yeah weird timing–

Siouxsie Q: Weird timing, but–

Siouxsie Q’s Daddy: But maybe they’re into it, and God bless them if they are.

Rob: [laughs]

Siouxsie Q: I– yeah. Not interested in uh, coming at Stormy. laughs Everyone has been coming at the villain in the situation, which is, has been, and until he’s out of office, will continue to be 45, he who must not be named.

Siouxsie Q’s Daddy: Right, and if you’re going to come at the villain, come at him with the right reasons.

Siouxsie Q: nods Yes.

Siouxsie Q’s Daddy: He’s like– I am not for our president, but all of these nonsensical attacks just trying to tear down his character are not the way that you are going to take this person out, it just makes you look weaker for trying to grasp at straws, trying to take somebody out, then he’s done enough on his own, to like– so many (unintelligible) that it’s like just stop making stuff up, it makes you look stupid, yeah we know he’s done so many things, “Shh!”, let’s focus on the real problems are.

Rob: She’s like a big crossover, she was in movies, she hooked up with a lot of the people in Hollywood —

Siouxsie Q’s Daddy: No she’s huge, she’s a superstar.

Rob: And now she’s crossed over into politics, and now she’s got 150,000 dollars laughs

Siouxsie Q’s Daddy: No she’s a superstar, I believe that– I believe that her voice is as valid as anybody else’s and if she has managed to launch this platform off of some oger trying to be a weirdo and run our country then god bless her!

Rob: [to Washington Post reporter] Who are you writing for?

Washington Post reporter: [quiet voice, unintelligble]

Rob: Russian?

Siouxsie Q: [correcting Rob] Washington Post.

Rob: Oh, Washington Post! Okay. [laughs]

Siouxsie Q’s Daddy: The Russians! [laughs]

Siouxsie Q: It’s not all the Russians!

Siouxsie Q’s Daddy: Wait, so Trump will [unintelligible] us the Russians, right?

Friends of Stormy in Vegas from Reviewer on Vimeo.

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