lens goals: Telephoto autofocus

[Photolog] Telephoto Adventures in the market now for professional glass by Robert Rowsey So now I need a telephoto that’s autofocus, at least 600mm, maybe 800 or even 1000mm. Here’s a pic I shot this morning of some dude at the Shores goofing around in the small surf on his longboard. He started out surfing it regularfoot but then dropped […]

antique gear: the Zeiss Ikon Contaflex

[Collectibles] IG post: my new old camera outdated cameras are only one of my obsessions by Reviewer Rob originally from an Instagram post here Newly acquired: an early Model Contaflex from the German company Zeiss Icon. Looks like the fixed lens version they came out with in the beginning before interchangeable lenses were included. It’s attractive and serviceable in working […]

PHOTOLOG: old glass, Tamron 19mm fixed focal length f3.5-22

[Photolog]  analog lenses, circa 1989 by Reviewer Rob More analog lenses. Here’s my manual-focus 19mm Tamron f3.5 to 22 that I bought new in 1989 or so, when it was modern technology. I got it down at either George’s North Park or Nelson’s in Little Italy. I forget for sure which it was but I’m pretty sure it was Nelson’s. […]