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Coronavirus Lockdown Timeline, early April, 2020

[American Carnage]

Shutdown Report

A sought-after N95 dust mask.
A sought-after N95 dust mask. Photo: 2020

From Violet Magdalena Platt:

Current affairs. I’m just gonna put this out there and hope that people respond logically (burn these fuckers to the ground):

-Mortgage and debt and tax companies are still collecting
-SBA was given billions of dollars for small businesses and isn’t distributing it
-Unemployment is really behind
….once again mortgage and debt companies are still expecting their money??

-Most people are out of work
-The government is rolling out 5g while people are not around
-1.5 trillion was injected into the stock market OVERNIGHT when the rich people needed it

-There has been NO MORATORIUM on utility collection. So when this is over and nobody has had income for months, the full amount will be due or piling up, furthering Americans being in permanent debt slavery.

-Trump is probably going to be president again
-The citizens who get no debt relief are making masks for health systems that rake in millions of dollars per year (the CEOs are taking it). They have plenty of money to get their own masks. Or pay you to do it.

-Where is the $1200 stimulus money by the way? Not that it is sufficient at all and it’s basically just going from the bankers (government) right back to the bankers (debt owners)

Society has failed.


We want your on the pandemic shutdown. ~Editor

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Cannabis Biz in the Time of Covid-19

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Weed Biz

California Cannabis Retailers Are Essential Workers

During the Covid-19 2020 pandemic shutdown Sacramento has deemed cannabis as a protected vital industry

By Rob

CANNABIS WORKERS ARE ESSENTIAL: From page one of the PDF detailing a list of essential workers in California during the pandemic shutdown. ‘Cannibis retailers’ are listed at the end of the paragraph at bullet point 4. A link to the PDF can be found on, at their March 20 post. For the actual list click the link below.

EssentialCriticalInfrastructureWorkers (2)

California Essential Workers List PDF image.
California Essential Workers List PDF image.