Urban Hillbilly Y’alt-Punk The Evangenitals, Introducing A New Americana by Reviewer Rob “… a unique presence in the neo-folk/freak-folk movement…” The Evangenitals are an LA alternative-country rock band (or y’alt-punk rock) that resists firm description. Upon first appraisal they appear to draw inspiration from country, hillbilly music, Southern spirituals/gospel and early 19th-century ship song as well as traditional Klezmer music […]

Is Obama Going to Get Re-Elected? Find out…

POLITICAL ANALYSIS by KENT MANTHIE What do you think? In 2012 what are the chances that Barack Obama gets re-elected? Well, it depends on several factors that, ironically, he has from zero to very little control over. Remember when George Bush I was ousted in the 1992 election and Bill Clinton’s saxophone-playing-ass got in the White House? That was, for […]

Scott Brown, Pimp

Thanks A Lot Massachusetts Political Analysis by Kent Manthie  With the crazy, upset victory of Republican Scott Brown, a jerk who, during his victory speech, even pimped out his daughters, saying “…they’re available”.  Well, at least they’re over 18 and he’s not inviting statutory rapists to come sweep them away, but that would be poetic justice.  One of his daughters was […]

2009 Is When The Fat Cats Got Fatter …

… And The Rest Of Us Got Scraps 2009: The Year Wall Street Bounced Back and Main Street Got Shafted By Robert Reich Reprinted from his blog at robertreich.blogspot.com In September 2008, as the worst of the financial crisis engulfed Wall Street, George W. Bush issued a warning: “This sucker could go down.” Around the same time, as Congress hashed […]