“Just Some Gypsy,” video

Plainclothes Tracy Check out the video, “Just Some Gypsy,” from this Knoxville, TN, based three-piece. You can also hear their new track “Fort Knox Graffitti,” at myspace.com/plainclothestracy. ~RR Just Some Gypsy

Doing The Time: Bernie Madoff

The prince of swindlers can be sentenced to up to 150 years in prison today… 1. What prison sentence should Bernard Madoff receive? … And the survey says: The 12 years his lawyer seeks: 6% The maximum 150 years: 74% Something in between: 21% Total responses to this question: 25749 [Above, the current results to the poll located at CNN […]

The Hickoids at The Ocean Beach Steet Fair

Winston’s hosted a 1:30 PM show by The Hickoids yesterday, and while most of the crowd appeared to be still waking up at that early afternoon hour on a Saturday, Jeff and his band kicked it out. I’ll have a formal review with videos later, but for now to tide you over here’s a pic of Jeff wowing the audience […]

Recommended Shows Today!

In San Diego The Hickoids with The Screamin Yeehaws myspace.com/hickoids at Winstons, during the Ocean Beach Street Fair, at 1PM (moved up from 2PM) 1921 Bacon St San Diego, CA 92107-2805 (619) 222-6822 … or, if you’re up north… In San Fransisco: Rube Waddell & Faun Fables live tonight! 6/27 Hosted by: Rube Waddell, myspace.com/rubewaddell 10PM Bottom of the Hill […]