Create at Will: An Interview with Adam Murillo

By Katherine Sweetman Tweet Two life-like dinosaur heads were sticking out of the walls at an art opening at 57 degrees. It was as if someone had hunted them for sport and mounted their heads as trophies — this was the first work I saw by artist Adam Murillo. The curator of the event, Guy Lombardo, introduced me to the […]

A Sculptural Lighting Collection: Interview with artists Rachel Eva and Shawn Michael

By Katherine Sweetman Tweet Interview with artists Rachel Eva and Shawn Michael: K.S.     Tell me about this new collection of work– your “Sculptural Lighting” collection. What brought the both of you, who are artists in many different mediums, to focus your energy toward this very specific kind of work? R.E.    I think we both have always been fascinated by light. […]

THE BOX – the SWEAT box, that is…

Tweet Living in “the Box” A Brief History and Overview of El Cajon, CA By Kent Manthie Living in El Cajon is very different from living in San Diego, that’s for sure. Anyone who’s familiar with the various parts of San Diego County knows that out here, in the east part of the county, down in the valley, so to […]

The RAW-ist of the RAW: Interview with Erleen Nada

Interview with Erleen Nada Tweet By Katherine Sweetman It was a Thursday night, and I went downtown to see a “show” at 4th & B put on by a national “independent arts organization, for artists, by artists” called RAW. I went especially to see one particular artist/musician, Erleen Nada, because I’d seen a music video created by my friends at […]