North Park Dive Bar Pics

20 years ago…

Photos from a show with Oakland punk rock band The Fleshies at a packed-out Scolari’s Office on 30th Street in in or around 2003 when that band was touring for their album The Sicilian. The second photo, below, was printed on the cover of Reviewer the next month when Reviewer was all black and white. It ran as the cover because I liked the intensity on the guy’s face and how the decrepit old ceiling paneling of the bar were clearly visible. The last, third photo, is the singer (Mattowar?) after the show. If I had it all to do over again I’d have run the first photo on the cover because of the expressions of the people in the crowd. The first photo pictured above is actually more accurate with how it illustrates the energy of the show. The Fleshies still tour and will destroy The Casbah on July 15 with Owl Be Damned, Grids, and Bumbklaatt. Tags IG: @casbahsandiego @bumbklaattband @benjohnsonbooks #livemusic #punkrock #sandiegomusic #scolarisoffice #reviewermagazine #thecasbahsandiego

Fleshies at Scolari's, 2
Fleshies at Scolari’s, 2
Fleshies at Scolari's, Mattowar after the show.
Fleshies at Scolari’s, Mattowar after the show.

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