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When I Introduced Jenny Bombshell

Here’s an upload of a ReviewerMag video interview I made of Jennifer Peacher, my apartment manager back when I lived in Ocean Beach, San Diego. After being there for a couple of years I discovered she was a performer on a soft core porn site for “Big Beautiful Women” and although she didn’t bring it up in typical social discourse she also wasn’t shy about it.

She called herself “Jenny Bombshell” online, as did many of the girls on the website she appeared on: “Betty Bombshell,” for random hypothetical example, or “Alexis Bombshell,” “Gloria Bombshell,” and so on.

The video was up on the Reviewer YouTube channel for a long time and then one day it was gone. I’m thinking she or her business partner requested to have it taken down because of derogatory comments that kept appearing under it which I wasn’t inclined to remove. Along with all Reviewer interviews the video’s original purpose was as news feature societal content, not adult entertainment PR.

As sometimes happens these days people can see anything online as propaganda of some sort, and if it doesn’t fit their personal goals these dismiss it or want it removed. The video file’s time stamp is ‎”Tuesday, ‎August ‎21, ‎2007, ‏‎8:43:40 PM” so it’s well before the era of calling content Fake News. It’s funny how anything can be considered that. Even direct quotes from a person mouth seen on video can be labeled Fake News.

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