Flat Top Mountain from Thirtieth Street

[Telephoto Pro] Afteroon Light by Telephoto.pro Here’s some pics with a view of flat top mountain as seen through yesterday’s haze. I use lowercase on “flat top mountain” because I’m unsure if that’s its name. It’s just what I’ve usually called it. I’d parked the Reviewervan up the hill on 30th Street yesterday afternoon to sit in the drivers seat […]

Pandemic Art Night

[Telephotopro] Tasende Gallery, Wayne Thiebaud “Cheers To 100 Years” Art In The Time Of Covid Words and photos by Reviewer Rob, telephoto.pro Man, I needed that. It’s been a while, a year at least, since I’d been to an art gallery. If you were in La Jolla and near the village / Cove Thursday night hopefully you were able to […]

Summer moon July 2018, Crescent City harbor, 200mm f2.8

Summer moon July 2018, Crescent City harbor, 200mm f2.8

Crowd control

[Social distancing] After sunset crowd “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” ~ Ansel Adams Shooting crowds with long lenses is much more effective journalism compared to doing the same with a wide angle. When you’re at least several dozen feet away people continue to act naturally. You’re an observer of them in their element. With a wide angle […]

photolog: 9-30-20 Magicland Beach

[Fall sunset]   Pacific Beach Magicland   Yesterday’s magic sunset, by Telephotopro.