Millions And Millions For Drones In Poway

Poway Drones Huge General Atomics Contracts In The Works by Reviewer Rob When I was a kid in the early-1970’s and my mom worked for a realty company on Poway Road houses were going for about 20 thousand a piece. Now that things have changed and there’s plenty of million-dollar homes dotting the hills above the Poway valley that economic […]

Liberal vs. Conservative Tax Policy

[Politics] The Real Cost Of Tax Reform “How can you Swiss people be so docile about paying such high taxes?” by Rick Steves [This is a repost from his Facebook Rick Steve’s Europe.] More money than many Americans make in their entire lifetime. That’s what Congressional Republicans are voting to give me as a tax break. That’s right: If Republicans […]

33 & Beyond: The Royal Art of Freemasonry (2017) movie review

[Independent Film] 33 & Beyond movie review of 33 & Beyond: The Royal Art of Freemasonry Written and directed by Johnny Royal Cast: Johnny Royal, Robert Doan, Tom Driber, Ernest Chapman, Chris Sanders, Adam W. Wolf, John Eberle, Matt Dove, Robert J Davis, James Tressner, John Cooper III, R. Stephen Doan, Greg Cherry, Joseph Kindoll, Douglas Roberts, Daniel Hanttula, Adam […]

R.I.P. Filmmaker Bruce Brown

[dig a hole] Filmmaker Bruce Brown A legendary Independent Film Maker has died by Reviewer Rob According to a post first seen last night on The Intertia and this afternoon being reported everywhere, the filmmaker who gave us Endless Summer and the motocross flick On Any Sunday has died. I met Bruce Brown at the Action Sports Retailer show in […]