background noise

[Health & Fitness] amalgam fillings and the background noise of migraines by Bob Yunger I’ve had mild but persistent migraine headaches since my late teens. They’d usually start upon waking in the morning but end as soon as I’d get out of bed and have coffee. I used to get them throughout the day too. They’d exist as a kind […]

Massacre in Sin City

Death In Vegas More American Gun Violence, and The Glamorization of Madness by Bob Yunger Stephen Paddock, the Law Vegas shooter and local resident, retiree, professional real estate investor with an estimated personal net worth of 5 million dollars, gambler, former mail carrier, I.R.S. agent and accountant, killed 59 people from his large thirty-second floor Mandalay Bay corner suite. Another […]

Heavy Cloudcover

totality 2017 Reviewer Rob So I went to Aiken, South Carolina, last August to see the total solar eclipse and it was sunny the whole time except for the hour before, during and after the eclipse event. That’s when it clouded up as if on cue. The clouds kind of broke up a little bit during the peak eclipse moments, […]