totality 2017

Reviewer Rob

So I went to Aiken, South Carolina, last August to see the total solar eclipse and it was sunny the whole time except for the hour before, during and after the eclipse event. That’s when it clouded up as if on cue. The clouds kind of broke up a little bit during the peak eclipse moments, and when it got darkest out all the night-time insects in the woods began chirping, buzzing and chirping at once in a cacophonous chorus of nocturnal alarm.

That was cool. But still, the sky could have been clear, or at least clearer.

I was originally planning a trip to see the event in Eugene, Oregon, and had even booked a hotel room there as a launching pad to drive out to Salem where the path of totality was expected to be fullest. Then I remembered I had a nephew on the East Coast and change my travel plans. Word is that the Oregon sky was cloudless. So it goes.

Below is one of the photos from Aiken as the sudden drop in temperature caused the afternoon thunderhead to thin out. Heavenly objects in alignment!

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