Portland’s World Naked Bike Ride

World Naked Bike Ride PDX 2016
World Naked Bike Ride PDX 2016

“Peace Love and Ride Safe!”

by Reviewer Rob

The 2016 Portland World Naked Bike Ride (PDXWNBR) is Saturday, June 25th. Location TBA. This ride is listed online as a protest.

The organizers have told me that they have all the proper police permits for this and it will be very well regulated.

They want to highlight the dangers bicyclists face on our nation’s motorways and by riding naked they will demonstrate just how vulnerable those who ride bikes are. It’s probably also about esoteric elements like freedom and nonconformism to unreasonably restrictive social norms and all that, but I’ll have to ask them to be sure.

Sounds sensible to me. Plus it’s Portland, Oregon, where the town has an informal motto of “Keep Portland Weird”, so a naked bike ride fits right in with the community ethos.

Should be pretty interesting. Will you be there?

Check out their official website at pdxwnbr.org:

Join us on Saturday, June 25th at Mt Scott City Park

“The World Naked Bike Ride is an annual, worldwide bike ride that highlights the vulnerability of cyclists everywhere and decries society’s dependence on pollution-based transport. It’s also a lot of fun and it’s free for all!”

World Naked Bike Ride // Portland, Oregon from Stay Wild on Vimeo.

World Naked Bike Ride PDX 2016
World Naked Bike Ride PDX 2016

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