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The Secret Grower speaks!
The Secret Grower speaks!
[The Secret Grower]

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Learing out to tell your weed the easy way


There’s this confusion some people have, a kind of cannabis dyslexia, perhaps, about what kind of weed is the type that will mellow you out and which will hype you up. Is Sativa the mellow out pot or is Indica what to smoke when you feel like chilling out at night? Is Indica the herb of choice for those afflicted with chronic shyness or what you smoke if you are the type that needs to be calm, cool, centered like a zen monk?

While those choices are better left up to you, dear reader, you and your medical cannabis specialist, if that’s the dilemma you’re in, I do have these instructive words passed to you through the paper you now hold, in the form a simple mnemonic, from the person we’ll refer to now as The Secret Grower. Although his true identity shall remain a mystery, he is pictured at right in his secret East County San Diego grow room, and this is what he says:

“Sativa are the tall plants, and they’ll hype you up. Indica are the short, thicker plants, and they’ll mellow you out. So just remember: tall – UP … short – Mellow.” ~ The Secret Grower






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