The Charles Manson/O.B. Influence

The bankrolling of Charlie Manson Tweet Capitalist Point Loma Wealth Funded The Manson Family I had heard of this Sandra Good and Point Loma — Manson connection a couple of years ago and it made sense. There has always been an element of darkness in the hippie scene here in Ocean Beach. ~Editor Manson Girl Sandra Good’s Early life Sandra […]


Point of Infection, a new short film about, you guessed it, ZOMBIES. Tweet By Katherine Sweetman Logline: After a virus breaks loose, a family man awakens to find his loved ones missing. With the help of a trusted ally, he uncovers his family’s whereabouts, but only to come to the harsh reality that the virus has spread further than he […]

Living by the sword

The Reviewer Rob Interview Tweet Reviewer editor Rob, the give and take… I’ve turned down a few interviews, on camera and/or questions by email, for various reasons. The main one being a type of shyness. I just always preferred to be the one ‘behind the camera,’ so to speak. So up to now I’ve always just declined the request or […]

Shepherd Fairey and the OWS Movement

Shepard Fairey wades in with his new OWS poster: “Occupy Hope” “Mister President, We HOPE You’re On Our Side.” Tweet OCCUPY HOPE This image represents my support for the Occupy movement, a grassroots movement spawned to stand up against corruption, imbalance of power, and failure of our democracy to represent and help average Americans. On the other hand, as flawed […]