Do you like ukuleles? Do you like naked?

Naked Sonic Ukuleles

Gunnison Beach, Saturday, Sept. 11, 2 p.m.

Scene report by Jessica Delfino

Ok, so for those of you who live in / around the Jersey area (that’s “New” Jersey), this Saturday promises some nudity in your general vicinity with “Beyond This Point.” Taking place in Sandy Hook, a noted, legitimate (read: legal) nude beach on the famed Jersey Shore, you will be guaranteed an eyeful, alright. Reviewer Mag takes no responsibility for any retina damage you may experience by attending this event, though it just might be a real hoot and is sure to be more entertaining than fashion week. If you go, don’t forget to take pictures (and send them to us) and bring extra sunscreen for your easily burnables. You know. The ones down there.

From — “Gunnison Beach is part of the Sandy Hook unit of the Gateway National Recreation Area and is accessible by car, or by ferry service (Seastreak) from Pier 11 at 8.15am and 11am, or East 35th Street at 8am and 10:30am with return trips mid or late afternoon. The ferries drop passengers off on the bay side of Fort Hancock.”

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