DVD review: The Ballad of Peter LaFarge

[Film] The Ballad of Peter Lafarge/Rare Breed The Ballad of Peter LaFarge (DVD) review by Jim Cherry Peter LaFarge was a proto-type for a rock star, he led a life that would be the envy of any writer. He was a rodeo cowboy, actor, playwright, folksinger, painter, manic depressive, drug user, all the things that burn in talent and leave […]

Surfing and The Gulf Petropocalypse

GULF GUSHER CONTINUES Here’s how you can help by Terry Gibson [From Surfline.com.] Over the past two weeks, Surfline has been closely monitoring the evolution of the oil spill caused by the explosion of BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico. On Wednesday, the situation deteriorated when an unmanned Rover ran into the containment cap, causing sufficient damage […]

demo review: Poetic Poverty from Greedy Eyes

Garage Rock Lives EP review by Rob Poetic Poverty Greedy Eyes This is awesome psychedelic prog-punk that soars, just soars, from the first note of the first track! Then it slows down a bit and delivers a punkrock beat and vocals that sounds like it was recorded in a warehouse district basement or a dusty waterfront garage. I like the […]

Trasharella Ultra Vixen

The Showgirl Must Go On Rena Riffel remakes her directorial debut Trasharella as Trasharella Ultra Vixen and has plans to film a kind-of sequel to the mid-90’s dvd rental cult favorite Showgirls by Reviewer Rob As one would expect, Rena Riffel is physically gorgeous in person. Let me start out by saying that. The other thing is she comes off […]