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demo review: Poetic Poverty from Greedy Eyes

Garage Rock Lives

EP review by Rob

Poetic Poverty
Greedy Eyes

This is awesome psychedelic prog-punk that soars, just soars, from the first note of the first track! Then it slows down a bit and delivers a punkrock beat and vocals that sounds like it was recorded in a warehouse district basement or a dusty waterfront garage. I like the harmonica too, that throws in a bit of the ol’ Americana feel. Stephen writes that this demo from the new San Francisco band was recorded over three days in late February and March at The Well in Concord, CA. It’s 18 minutes long and the tracks are listed as “Intro,” “Signs For Protest,” “Nice Try,” “Negativity,” and the disc ends with an incredibly accurate cover of Weezer’s “Sweater” that takes the single a couple of steps further into badass thrash rock. I mean,they do such a great job covering it you’ll wonder if this is the 2000 Warp tour again or if Weezer suddenly got younger and improved somehow. I recommend you watch out for this band. ( ~RR

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