The stylish Bitcoin logo.
The stylish Bitcoin logo.

by Reviewer Rob

I’ve taken my first tentative steps towards financial functionality with inclusion in the massively Libertarian community at Botcoin by opening up and account at, one of the “wallet” options at the payment page that were offered after VISA and MasterCard were removed due to Netherlands-based website’s alleged use of the traditional card companies as ways to pay for the facilitation of online prostitution in Cook County, Illinios, where they appear to have a huge problem with hookers. Their sheriff, Tom Dart, had’s use of credit/debit cards removed by complaining to card company reps with ONE LETTER, according to news reports.

Anyways, so much for freedom of speech or any other freedom I guess. Looks like to advertise for a traditional job or gig — like shooting wedding photos — you’ve got to pay with Bitcoin now, whatever Bitcoin is.

Hence my investigative foray into this whole murky world.

On’s buy-bitcoin page it appears that they take Paypal as a means of purchasing the nebulous online currency. But then they go on to say something about you then agreeing that you don’t mind giving the seller ID:

“You don’t need to leave the house! If you have a personal verified PayPal account and don’t mind giving the seller ID you can have bitcoin instantly.”

Whaaat? What’s a “seller ID”?

Grrr, this is going to take more thought.

Meanwhile, from’s payment page:

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