Cool Cats in the Hot Desert

I came here to work, not play.

But this town offers lots of opportunities for both.

Bobcat prop in Photo Bang Bang, Las Vegas.
Bobcat prop in Photo Bang Bang, Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Character & Characters

One thing I’ve noticed here that is pretty courteous is that the ordinary people under-30 that you meet on the street tend to call you “sir” in Las Vegas. Well, except for the strippers. Haha jus’ kidding dewd. I have them call me “Daddy”. Lol jk.

Above is a pic I shot last night of a taxidermied bobcat prop in the Photo Bang Bang studio, the rentable workspace of the heavily bearded Curtis Joe Walker. More on him layer. Cool cat!

Near the Downtown Las Vegas "Arts District".
Near the Downtown Las Vegas “Arts Dis60ict”.

Downtown Power Is Where It’s At

Coming out to Vegas this time solely to do some prospecting was so worth it if only for the sheer fact that the hotel I’m staying at (not pictured) has amazingly fast internet. Their wifi is so powerful I’m able to download a dozen gigs per hour. This is making my hosting account migration to cPanel a LOT easier. Thanks, Las Vegas! All the hookers and blow is just gravy!

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