Back in The City That Fun Built

Arrived for Vegas Prospecting

Vegas Downtown “Arts District”

by Reviewer Rob (Las Vegas Prospector)

[All the weird cosplay dregs are flocking to San Diego now as this is ComiCon 2015 week. So I figured this is about as good a time as any to leave town to do some magazine distro and exploring in Vegas. The following is from early Friday morning, around 3:10 a.m., 7-10-15.]

When in the hotel lobby about a half an hour ago as I was checking in to my lavish digs here in downtown Las Vegas, as an African kid dressed like an American highschooler walks into the office and asks the guy behind the counter about renting a room in heavily accented English.

After this we were met by the sound of several loud explosions originating in the area of parking lot outside the office window directly behind me. “What the fuck was that?,” I asked the guy behind the counter issuing my key-card. “Was that a gun?”

We both agreed it may have been gunfire but he said it also could have been “a car backfiring,” although there was no revving car out front. The African kid didn’t seem to flinch and remained silent.

Next I went for a brief stroll on the boulevard and an LVPD squad car pulls up to the curb next to me. The officer asks me through the open passenger window if I’d heard any gunfire. I told him I wasn’t sure if it was a gun or fireworks. He nodded wearily, thanked me and drove off, slowly.

Welcome to Las Vegas.

Back in The City That Fun Built.
Back in The City That Fun Built.

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