Rockin’ Dr. Juli Crockett

[Transcript] The Fighting Muse Juli Crockett Interview To call her a “muse” may appear misleading. But she is a muse, although one meant in the original sense as an artistic inspiration. It’s not “muse” as the contemporary pop interpretation as an object of erotic fixation. Dr. Juli Crockett, wife/mom/political activist, would resist that vehemently. Here […]

Giant Sloth Dung & The Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree Conservation Through Giant Sloth Shit by Reviewer Rob The amazingly hearty Joshua Tree yucca (Yucca brevifolia) seems to be ubiquitous in Yucca Valley, growing naturally in vacant land, along roadways, and as ornamental landscape in people’s yards. There’s even a national park/monument up the road named after them. Although widespread in range the […]