Dame Darcy in an Arizona border town

[Travel] Getting Bisbee Visiting the historic old mining town of the Wild West with our favorite cartoonist witch as your tour guide story and pictures by Dame Darcy for Reviewer February 12, 2017 Perhaps named for the killer bees whose honey is as infamous as it is delicious. They are sturdy little desert creatures with long creepy legs. They will […]

photolog: Mojave Desert In Yucca Valley & Pioneertown

[Photo Log] From last month’s Mojave roadtrip to Pioneertown three selected pics by Reviewer Rob The geography out there is exceptional. Lots of wind, dusty air, but the sky was impressive. Clouds would form and grow quickly. Then they’d disappear, blown away down range. I want to go back out there soon with my 600mm fixed focal lens and shoot […]

Pappy & Harriet’s, July 2015

Two Cellphone Videos From Pioneertown’s Epic ‘Burrito-Biker Bar’ by Reviewer Rob Pioneertwon, California, is a unique place. Founded in 1946 by Hollywood actors like Roy Rogers and Tom Mix and intended to be a working film set that recreates an authentic 1880’s Western frontier town, it has a community that has built up around it of citizens that are arty […]

Giant Sloth Dung & The Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree Conservation Through Giant Sloth Shit by Reviewer Rob The amazingly hearty Joshua Tree yucca (Yucca brevifolia) seems to be ubiquitous in Yucca Valley, growing naturally in vacant land, along roadways, and as ornamental landscape in people’s yards. There’s even a national park/monument up the road named after them. Although widespread in range the Joshua Tree’s natural habitat is […]