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After sunset crowd

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” ~ Ansel Adams

Shooting crowds with long lenses is much more effective journalism compared to doing the same with a wide angle. When you’re at least several dozen feet away people continue to act naturally. You’re an observer of them in their element. With a wide angle a photographer inserts himself up close and alters their behavior. They pose, arrange themselves into a photogenic group shot. When I used to shoot nightclubs and crowds with solely wide angle lenses I found there was this sweet spot where after the crowd knew you were there and accepted your presence you could mingle, alternating between asking for pictures if a subject looked good and using the preset focal setting when you were in range for an unposed candid “grab” shot. But even then there was the chance that who you were shooting was in the midst of an overt theatrical act, knowing that Mister Photographer was close by and ready to take their picture if they did something photo-worthy. With long lenses you’re not an element of change. Instead you’re a voyeur, a spy.

Shot 9-30-20 about twentyfive minutes after sunset in P.B. from the boardwalk near Waterbar. 600mm Tamron f/5 lens, Nikon D5300, high ISO, low ap setting. #telephotopro #crowdphotography #beachscene #60omm #tamronlenses #nikonbodies #journalism #photojournalism

After sunset, 10-1-20.
After sunset, 10-1-20.

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