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Beer Snob Rob’s beer review: “Agave Maria” from Lost Abbey

Beer handle display and assorted bar kitch, Live Wire.

[Beer Snob Rob]

review: “Agave Maria” from Lost Abbey

by Reviewer Rob

So I was at this cozy little neighborhood bar called Live Wire tonight, having an arty short glass of “Agave Maria” (like “Ave Maria”, the song?) from Lost Abbey brewery.

Its taste is strong and thick, like molassesey […]

Beer Review of Brown Sugar from Lagunitas Brewery

[Beer Review]

Lagunitas Brown Sugar is Sweet, Smooth and Strong

by Reviewer Rob


Ten Percent!!! I like the robust flavor of potent high-octane beers without the knockout quality of a full on barleywine. That’s why I think I found my new favorite flavor of the month brew here: Lagunitas Brown Sugar. It’s sweetly sugary like its name implies. […]