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Asphyxia Noir In Defense Of James Deen

[Character Reference]

On ‘Trial By Twitter’

A Voice In Defence Of James Deen

“He is not the monster being portrayed. A kind of monster — probably yes. But not a rapist. C’mon.” ~Asphyxia Noir

[This rebuttal is from former porn actress and industry insider Asphyxia Noir in response to a now-running internet scandal that has popped up in multiple mainstream news outlets involving adult-industry headline actor James Deen and his alleged propensity for rough sex that crosses the line between what is appropriate on screen and off. Asphyxia’s words here were taken from her Tumblr account. The post was subsequently flagged and deleted within twentyfour hours. The specific allegations came up November 27, all at once, from various accusers. So far it appears that no one has proposed charges should be filed against Deen. It also looks like up to now Asphyxia’s is the only voice to rise in defense of her former on-screen partner. ~Editor]

by Asphyxia Noir

Normally I would never involve myself in anyone’s business. Normally…

I am not saying James Deen is a freaking saint. I personally know he is absolutely not. The issue with this ridiculous and transparent scandal is that I have seen this formula for attention far too many times online. So I have to comment.

You don’t report abuse to twitter. You don’t hashtag abuse. You file a legitimate report to authorities and treat it as dramatically as you are presenting it to be. This is not being done here. You’re insane if you say you were not able to do so. Going into a relationship especially when BOTH parties go above and beyond what common sexual interaction is considered to be you kind of have very little room for lines to be deeply crossed.

I am not saying there was not a situation where it might have went too far. If there was a moment of abuse I am sorry — TRULY SORRY. Most importantly no one is or ever has been ignorant as to how James performs. You can’t WILLINGLY put yourself in a lion’s den and expect a kitten. He is known for his behavior, again — not a gentleman. Most women coming out right now have been in more then one scene with James (weird).

He is not the monster being portrayed. A kind of monster — probably yes. But not a rapist. C’mon. He didn’t bribe you to stay quiet. You’re an adult. Being sheep and following a movement to get attention is petty. Even if your scene with James was terrible, even if he was inappropriate, you have had a mouth your whole life. Why now? When did Stoya become your voice?

Collecting females and having this pseudo-following is only a way to display resentment and obviously seek attention. If I was wrong it would have been handled in a legal manner. Even it being after your encounter, you’re still a grown up. If porn blacklisting was such a factor, why now are you so brave?

I have no pity on a performer continuously putting themselves in a situation that they feel abused. You have power as a woman and a entertainer to decide what you will endure. Not by starting your confession on a social media site.

I know that Stoya and all her followers will bash me and speak of how ill-informed and how unaware I may be. That is to be expected. To them I say I do not discredit your stories. Just on a real level, if it was an issue — TRULY — regardless of fright of being blacklisted, you would speak up before having another person’s voice to hashtag alongside. Don’t even try and send an overly dramatic story of your experience. Again: transparent. Be strong and move on.

#jamesdeen #thirsty #scandal

Asphyxia Noir playing the "escaped prisoner" Rape Game with James Deen in a video for
Asphyxia Noir in a video scene with James Deen for’s Sex And Submission themed website. Asphyxia is playing the “vulnerable nurse vs. the horny escaped prisoner” with Deen being the escaped prisoner. It’s a role-playing faux rape game for the camera.
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dual show reviews: Jose Sinatra, and Faking The Plunge Into Porn

Jose Sinatra, and Faking The Plunge Into Porn

how did it all sink to this?

Jose Sinatra at Ducky Waddles after the show during the start of his first ever Farewell Tour.
Jose Sinatra at Ducky Waddles after the show during the start of his first ever Farewell Tour.

by Bob Yunger

Jose Sinatra, real name Bill Richardson, age 62, began his act in 1982 and had reached local legend status by 1994 when he appeared in “Hitchhiker Joe”, an awful Rugburns video, along with future music scene siren Jewel Kilcher.

The Hose, as he is known, recently ceased smoking and drinking after life-changing heart trouble. He said it was  “22 months ago — and life sucks!” Hose’s humor lies in  highlighting the cheesy lounge entertainer ethos and lampooning the ego-covered schmaltz of a working nightclub personality, one who can’t see how bad he is. The crowd loved it. Then he almost died.

”They went in and burned off things,” he said pointing at his groin area, referring to an emergency treatment two years ago for an irregular heartbeat. “(In the hospital) they asked me, ‘Did you drive here?’ I said yes. They said, ‘We’ll get you an ambulance!’”

At one point during last Summer’s “First Annual Farewell Tour” show at Ducky Waddles’, Hose apologised to the bookstore crowd.

“I’ve lost the ability to expel air all the way from my diaphragm,” Jose said, despairing his lack of stamina and diminished vocal power.

Now that Hose has begun what may be his death spiral the Elvis-comparison and real life irony is thick. It occurred to me that now might be the time to approach him to star in an adult video of light fetish where we have Hose spanking a female porn performer at a paysite I do as a side gig. It could be now or never since he needed to sink to the floor mid-song more than once and use bottled oxygen to get through his multimedia poetry/spoken-word and song set at Ducky Waddles Bookstore in Leucadia.

An entertainer could do worse than dying on stage after 33 years performing. Unless, that is, he dies on a porn set. So I looked for the right moment to pitch him the idea, before and then after the show at Ducky Waddles. Didn’t happen though, because the crowd pressed in hard around him at all times, or the mood wasn’t right. I might try again at the “OB-o-ke” karaoke nights at Winston’s in Ocean Beach where Hose hosts every Sunday. Thank you and goodnight!


Getting that Ass Fix. Video frame grab from
Getting that Ass Fix. Video frame grab from Notice, if you will, how RED the skin of Felicia’s juicy ASS is from being SPANKED. Hose is up to this I think. Story and behind-the-scenes porn set and bookstore appearance photos by For the real thing go to (18 and older only, def NSFW). Ladies looking for extra CA$H or who want the moist and delicate thrill of appearing online with the Hose can email As always, everyone must have proof of age with a valid i.d..