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One San Diego Artist’s Underwater Theme

[art scene]

“Water Gypsy” by Irina Negulescu

Below: large original oil painting (7-feet by 7-feet) titled “Water Gypsy” currently for sale in the Little Italy studio of the artist Irina Negulescu, Coalesce Gallery, 2360 India Street, San Diego CA 92101. For more information visit the artist’s website at or call 619-278-8410.

“Irina’s Romanian background, coupled with emotions, inspire the colors in her paintings. She fell in love with the deep reds, blues and gray’s years ago. The colors are narcotic. They can take you back to the nostalgic Romanian heritage the second you lay your eyes on them. These are her favorite colors and she uses them in most of her fine art. You’ll notice that most of her recent work has an under water theme.”

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Lisa Suckdog Carver Performed Au Naturel

[Art History]

“The Crazy Bitch Came Through”

by Krk Dominguez

[Normally we avoid posting nudes content here but this is different. Lisa is art history. Members: CLICK HERE FOR THE STORY WITH THE NUDE PHOTOS. To become a member join the Xblog HERE.]

I know you’re not here for a history lesson, but I’m not getting paid to entertain with a full floor show.

If you people can put a wrapper on this concept- the story will be palpable. These images were captured back in the dark ages, some 20 to 25 years ago, before the internet, before digital cameras: before Bill Gates could buy small countries.

I was fortunate enough back then to have been a nerd. I read a lot of zines edited by strange and compelling people or mean and nasty folk. Anyway you dice it, I ended up corresponding with a Lisa Suckdog over at Rollerderby (corresponding = me ordering a t-shirt & a couple issues of said rag). Her zine in particular was seductively odd (Google it, I’m lazy).

So, in one of her zines a buncha pictures pop up of her on stage nude with some weasel-looking punk named Costes. Of course they played it off as art. Only god will ever truly know what kinda shit they were ingesting at the time such a concept was conceived. But, to their credit, they took the show on the road and an LA date was scheduled.

When the time came – sure enough the LA Weekly got a hold of it and the word spread like herpes at a Grateful Dead parking lot, “Deranged naked chick on stage with drunk Frenchman”. Needless to say her LA debut had vast more in attendance than Sound Garden’s did, albeit her audience seemed less concerned with monitor feedback.

The crazy bitch came through. Out of the hundreds of gigs that I documented I will probably always remember some of this night. I would go into detail for you, but it would require some math and I doubt the majority of you went to high school. YouTube it or ask Larry Hardy…

~ Krk Dominguez – Huntington Beach, Ca. – 6/8/10 – 9:37 AM

Below: photos by Krk of alt-writer Lisa Carver (Vice Magazine as well as numerous books) and her then-husband Costes onstage as SUCKDOG.

Lisa Carver, pre-nude punkrock performance.
Lisa Carver, pre-nude punkrock performance.
Lisa Carver,  upstage of Costez.
Lisa Carver, upstage of Costez.

Lisa Carver and her punkrock opera, early 1990's , before the nude show begins...
Lisa Carver and her punkrock opera, early 1990’s , before the nude show begins…

Members: CLICK HERE FOR THE STORY WITH THE NUDE PHOTOS. To become a member join the Xblog HERE. ~Editor

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Ben Johnson Plays It Straight

[Video Interview]

“I Don’t Judge People”

“I was never a glass of wine with dinner…”

Ben Johnson of The Long and Short Of It, Hostile Combover, a new rap project and The Casbah, talks with Reviewer Rob at The Living Room Coffee Shop in Point Loma, on 6/5/10, about his band’s videos, his bassist being paralyzed from the waist down, his sobriety and his interest sci fi fiction and the possibility of the supernatural.

But… Ben, according to Wikipedia, “Telekinesis is a term used in parapsychology as either an alternate for psychokinesis or as the name of a specialty ability under the umbrella term of psychokinesis to refer to using the power of the mind to cause the movement of matter at a distance.”

Regardless, Ben’s interpretations are always entertaining.

For the whole, unedited video in Quicktime, click

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i knew that i would meet her here


what I already knew

Painting and poem by Brittany Vipond

Today at 7:37am

i knew that i would meet her here, i knew that i find her here, i knew she would be the story of the song i already
knew, i knew i would take advantage of her pain, knowing it all too well, she would paint over my dream, her own
story, i knew i wouldn’t understand, but to open, her vulnerability, too pale to know the sun, she would take what
she good get, only to give her another dream, i’m too trivial to see, what’s right in front of me

to watch her grow, would give me more than i could…


cold, she’s too close

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SONIC YOUTH SHOW – San Diego HOB 1/7/10

Sonic Youth – House of Blues, San Diego January 7, 2010

[Unattended] review By Kent Manthie

Something finally great rolled into San Diego on Thursday night: Sonic Youth played at the San Diego House of Blues.

SY now are officially a quintet with the addition of producer/engineer extraordinaire, Jim O’Rourke, who is or is not a member – I get differing opinions on that – Mark Ibold, ex-Pavement was recruited to be the “fifth Youth” but O’Rourke showed up downtown San Diego on January 7.

The show was packed – a sold out show, not surprising, given their preeminent status as the best art-noise-rock band around and the NYC downtown, grittiness of their style doesn’t hurt either.

Sonic Youth, misnomer though it may be nowadays, still haven’t lost the touch that they had back when they were young and carefree when they put out such classics as Sister, EVOL, Bad Moon Rising and their 1989 classic Daydream Nation.

This time out, supporting their latest CD, The Eternal, which still has the same intensity that’s gone into all their previous works, SY did a smattering of new tunes off the new album and, no doubt, wowed the crowd with the intensity of the new stuff, opening the show with “No Way” and then “Sacred Trickster”.
The show was mostly a showcase for the newest of their tunes, the stuff from The Eternal , which also included songs such as “Anti-Orgasm”, “Antenna”, “Leaky Lifeboat (for Gregory Corso), “What We Know” and much more.

Always loud as hell and full of artfully crafted feedback, guitar noise, not to mention the bombastic drumming from Steve Shelley, the band did its usual innovative antics and had to be fired up to play

I know I haven’t forgotten the two times I’ve seen Sonic Youth, the last time being in Minneapolis in June of 2000, when they played, with Stereolab, outside, on a stage set up in the space in front of the Walker Art Center, one of the two very cool and hip museums in that city (along with the Minneapolis Institute of Arts). Stereolab played first and, WOW, I was blown away by how well they pulled off their show live, that having been my first time seeing them (the second time I saw Stereolab was, coincidentally, at the San Diego House of Blues). Anyway, that night after Stereolab wrapped up their amazing show, the warm summer night’s sun started waning and soon darkness fell and Sonic Youth took the stage, not to be outdone by the previous band, they really lived up to their tag as a “downtown art-noise-rock band” and delivered a masterwork of a show, doing strange but interesting things with their guitars to make unique sounds and textures and with Kim even playing trumpet on one of the tunes. It was magic. The other time I saw them was when, along with Social Distortion playing first, SY opened up for Neil Young, on his Ragged Glory tour, with Crazy Horse in 1991, just after the first Gulf War had started – this was like January 16 or 18th and Neil didn’t let that go unnoticed, doing a Hendrix-like, anger-filled “Star-Spangled Banner” to get the show going.

For their encores, SY did two classics:  “Shadow of a Doubt” and “Death Valley ’69”.  My biggest regret is that I didn’t get there to see the show due to a miscommunication and subsequent transportation issues, the only thing that’ll make up for that will be when I see them live next time.  – KM