Scene Of The Crime book signing, 2004, 35mm to digital

[L.A. Noir] Crime Scene Photos from the LAPD I was fully into covering newly released photo art books in Reviewer Magazine when in 2004 I was sent a review copy of Scene Of The Crime. Here is L.A. Noir novelist James Ellroy at left and then-L.A. Police Chief William Bratton, center, in 2004 signing copies of Scene Of The Crime, […]

Analog: sculpture

[Future installation] “Pieces” 35mm color film photo from a December 2005 shoot with an art model who was also a sculptor. Film-to-digital conversion from a Nikon NEF image.

Street chase, North Park, 1997.

[Action Photo] Welcome to The Hood 35mm-to-digital conversion I had only been in the new North Park apartment for a month or two in early summer 1997 when one afternoon the calm of the neighborhood was interrupted by multiple sirens tearing down the street outside. They passed my apartment on Lincoln Avenue going east, then the loud scream of tires […]

35mm to Digital: Sabbat Goth at Shooters, North Park, 1997

[Analog] Shaved Head Fetish Sabbat: Goth, 1997 at Shooters   North Park was still considered a ghetto in 1997. Gentrification hadn’t quite found it just yet. But it was coming. The goth club scene in San Diego was a photo-rich environment I’d been shooting in for a number of years, since the late 1980’s — think The Metro (?) and […]