La Ruocco Halloween

[Hallow Eve Verbatim]

La Ruocco on the spooky night 2020

Report from a New York art hipster about her Halloween party

a La Ruocco Halloween party
a La Ruocco Halloween party

THESE ARE THE LYRICS TO THE SONG I am cutting as I type this right now tonight! Hello & Welcome to the Happy Halloween quarantine party where all the quests that show up are diabetic & plastic* no they can’t eat any of the sweets , NO, no, not even a raisin bc of it’s high glycemic index or they will go — into shock & u have to catch them as they pass out;
bc they can’t process the sugar. so you have fun & games, you act like everything’s the same, no, no they can’t have a try, just a little not a lot next thing u know it, they’re going into shock !!!!!give her the shot!!!
they’ll be nonono no trick or treats no bodies eating this day light Saving weekend, this time not I’m going all the way not stopping at an hour
it will soon be this time Yesterday
that right
thats what I said your heard me correct, a simple question you won’t need laundered in the steam state of the art Washing machine casa party casa party casa parta part the read C
soon we turn the clock bck not stoppin till around the same time
today only yesterday,
not stopping at an hour, where gonna go back a whole day
& do it again, is this deje vu, no this is really happening to u
& all the thing u forgot to do, we today’s tomorrow only like u already knew. yet add the idea to put the made in chine plastic bikini top Stuntdouble costumes everyones sporting on you blowup doll girlfiend too & what would jesus do amen in the name of the lord holy spirit sun & daught sun & full moon too
that’s true, coming soon, to an aphitheater near you, I’ll ait till it comes out in Cartoon. in a story its a party, a ball a bell un rung a song unsung. Have a quarantine party just for you & the diabetic quests invited now let;s try it wearing a different type of show. I’m getting ttle tired to be excited at anything frightn under a full moon in the parachutte horizon
Hello & Welcome to the LaRuoc & Coney Island enterprises Halloweeen. *inflatable – that;s the plastic ppl i’m talkimng about , (music here/ w/the new metal bigsbe vaginacockguitar i got out of storage finally since “the move.”
Quarantine (base)Party party party now post it w the photo & bang the track for the radio. Let’s go get some breakfast I ‘ve been up all night, get ready for the next day that turns into night
pulling the adhesive off the LED strip lights for my Dysney Parade, everybody ready to come my way, u know your invited but don’t expect treats bc most my guests are diabet, so youre ,,,,gonna have to forget it, that;s OK yeah so we do it again.
let the clown car roll let it go with the lights sticking onit, house party Stuntdouble style, hasnt been but a while, regognizes it’s not tight as it was, it’s like someone already streatched it out in the excitement
casa party, casa party at my house . at my house & you’re all invite, I’ll assume youre gonna be a Stuntdouble rockstar this year, holloween in Quarentines, been wearing my mask since they spread covid 19 i’m not even gonna type it, lest it mess with my timing, (tamborine) can you hear an affluent rhyming & never know which letters. silent or secretely hiding under the mask on my favorite holiday, guess who’s invited in the part of the read sea the evaporated for the sake of brewing tea, so you be delighted arriving twice, two times or three theres the three of me the original & the stand in, the one they use for the lighting, i’ kind of getting tired of a syndrome sometimes blinding….. but we’re not serving candy to, the only few quest show up in REAL LIFE socially distance appearrance 6 feet apart.6 feet under but we will keep trying can’t get a song in here edge wise, take a bite just for taste to know what i;m staking abou5, & which ingredience are alright for my diabetic friends, this years they’r e te only guest who showed up in person, who were invited to my Quarantine party like new years exceot the telivisions the count down & it’s not so far away OK? see u in Halloween again its redundant but neccessary because of all the angle in my blind spot, reflexology for free & the lite version of every calory
Happy halloween in the laruoc&Coney Island quarantine Costume surprise party only my diabetic friends RSVP & arrived yet lots of others were inited tonights the night we getting out of here & giving our clown car Stuntdouble mobile a ride out side for the light parade , taking my crown queen royal for a drive then maybe take it for drive then fly a kite in the sky, the only cake this is gonna take is to take away I don’t think i wanted to really sea how far you’d take things, this takes the cake, & that’s OK bc they ‘d need insulin to process the sweets & need a vile of insulin under the skin my fianc’e & the finances album in 1916 & the lyrics I write about it insinuated the things that had once been, hid in my wig, under my hat, on the table behind the door, explode the surprise confetti bomb, expecting rain condensations dripping & the payments was due. this is for you
& you & you, & then if u want pretend to be something New it’s easy to buy into it retail on sale knock off or designer so expensive the way Laruocco plays this along w her guitar rift.
The sun & moon weight till noon before u the tings i get hung up on let em dried out I dropped my drink & now I got to clean it, I broke my glass in a thousand million pieces, all your gonna hear is feed back the way u treat it, it will l feel more like a part y than anything in between it, somewhere from clementine to tangerine, what I mean is a recipe for disaster but we want to go so much faster if u know what looking into the kalidoscope mirror that I find you in i’ll edit it in post I cut away cut it all away anything you didn’t like about it casa-party in quarantine out from under the fish bowl cake dome fly a kite that carries me, take the cake higher take my cake higher take my house party higher than the sun moon & the son & the daughter to the water & sky don’t tell me how much i’m shy of affording the lie bc I’m not buying it at all, cara casa knock-off designer aesthetic is a liar like my Lady dye candle at both ends opened, both ends r the roots of my evlil vessel my ajar stepped on crack under my door until the whole thing bends that it snaps it bends until an hour is end they never see it coming until it’s all over & over again, complete & submerged, evened the score, no percentage of any less or any more i would not fit into the siloette inscribed the soap peter pan used to sew his shadow to his sole I cant tell you how many times i got Tinkerbelled & got m shadow sewn to my flipflop sandal & ignited, your fired, my president, my guest, my friend, on my favorite holiday is just a list of chores. never saw done correctly only used as ammunition or as a baracade to keep me away, stay 6 feet away to i’ve taped pin wheels to my chest in modesty recorded rifts & whistle melody on the string the last time I decide to light up the night with a light up clown car drive through Coney Island enterprise diabetic clown car boardwalk parachute party part the read sea melody in middle C in quarantine on Halloween this was a song so sing sew your shadow to a spring laying down my trampolene so I can be a make a cake flight kite machine, .fly like trapeze artist & get a cake take, pie the whole full moon in the face, what do u day.

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