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Looking for some help here, Amazon tech support

I think I need to find an alternative site to sell books on, or maybe do it here on the blog myself. I am often out-of-town or else not attentive when a sale is made on my Amazon page and they ( seem to want the items shipped within a day or two. If I go on a roadtrip to L.A for a week or fly to some place like Louisville as I did in August then of course a sale comes in while I’m away and then I look bad because I’m shipping it late. I could pause my account and put it on “vacation” status but I’d rather just have two to three weeks to send the book FedEx, as I see other people do on Amazon. But I’ve now spent all evening looking on the site for the shipping interval setting on my account and can’t find it. I don’t know if they have tech support anymore. They used to. But is there a number to get some expert help at Amazon anymore? That company is a behemoth. Some tech support would be nice.

I sold and shipped a couple of items yesterday. Actually they were delivered to FedEx after 6 p.m. on Friday so they’ll be going out tomorrow. One was the final issue of George Magazine, the political hipster mag of the 1990’s, with the publisher John F. Kennedy Jr. on the cover. It’s the “Farwell Issue” printed after he had recently died and the magazine abruptly ceased publishing. A lucky collector in Texas is getting it. The second item was an ultra-fine copy of the hardcover My Wife (the cover of which is edited here for Facebook sensibilities) published in 2000 and sent to me as a review copy. It’s a monograph by Norwegian photographer Petter Hegre with a collection of candid shots of his attractive young blonde wife in the nude and various stages of undress while they’re doing things like camping and hanging out around the house. There’s no sex shots that I recall but maybe some post-action ones. It’s all pretty cheeky and innocent. As stated the book was sent to me as a review copy and I covered it in Reviewer Magazine almost 20 years ago. It was kept in perfect “Like New” condition and was even given a nice clear wrap for the dust jacket. It’s fortunate new owner is in Happy Valley, Oregon. Both sales together grossed around $230. I need to start getting the whole library listed because this holiday season should be very very busy.

Recent sales: George Magazine Farewell Issue & My Wife by Petter Hegre.
Recent sales: George Magazine Farewell Issue & My Wife by Petter Hegre.
Sex Objects by Eric Kroll.
Recent sale: Sex Objects by Eric Kroll.

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