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Stormy For President 2020

Working Her Mark Like A Pro

Shark, meet prey.

Stormy Daniels and friend.

Stormy Daniels and friend.

By Bob Yunger

Stormy Daniels sure is good at what she does: only had to have sex with him one time and after she got her hooks into him she never let go. What a pro! You’ve gotta admire her for the dedicated professional she is. Only fucks him ONE TIME in a hotel room and now like a chump TWELVE YEARS LATER HE’S STILL PAYING FOR IT! Ha. Ha ha.

Oh… Nice work, Stormy, niiiiiiice werrrrrk.

Stormy Daniels being interviewed for Reviewer TV.

Stormy Daniels being interviewed for Reviewer TV.

Click HERE for the Reviewer TV video interview of Stormy Daniels from about ten years ago.

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