[Quick Bar Critic]


On Pico near Stewart, in Santa Monica.

by Reviewer Rob

Below is a recent exchange with a “follower”:

her: Where is this? Love!

me: it’s just east of Pico and Stewart in Santa Monica, north Venice Beach.

her: I didn’t realize you’re in LA these days. Does the vibe match the hype in this place?

me: L.A. in general is not what it was 15 years ago. With the record industry failing, musicians have no reason to be here, and even the porn industry has left town due to tighter regulations and market factors. Now the “housing shortage” has more than tripled rents while average wages have barely budged. So acting hopefuls can’t afford to live here, not that they think have any chance of getting good work in Hollywood unless they screw some Harvey Weinstein type dude. No, Los Angeles isn’t the dream factory it once was.

her: I appreciate every ounce of effort, truth, and perspective you put into that explanation. I got an answer I wasn’t even searching for, but am glad to have. I meant… what’s your thoughts on barkowski? I feel odd even asking after that dazzling, brutal review of the city. Sounds like a cyst pool of the elite.

me: lol thanks. It looks like a cool neighborhood boutique dive bar. A faux dive bar, haha. Bukowski woulda hated it, probably.


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