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Houston Flood

Hurricane Harvey

and other acts of god

by Reviewer Rob

“There if not by Grace go I,” it’s a saying you’ve heard many times when witnessing some unfortunate other experiencing hardship. But it’s a truism that’s on my mind while watching the environmental and economic tragedy in Houston unfolding right now. Many many many times over the last 12 years I’ve considered relocating from the mild and sunny climes of Southern California to that Texan powerhouse of a city. Had I done so my residence and all my possessions could very well be under several inches of sludgy effluent and I’d be like countless citizens there without prospects for an easy recovery. The help those stricken people will need is going to be immense.
#houston #harvey #floodrelief #fema

p.s. Imagine if Harvey was YOUR name. You would h8 to be living in the region and actually being NAMED Harvey atm. lol

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