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Our New Direction, The Good Ship Reviewer Sails On

by Reviewer Rob

I’ve been meaning to expand in detail about the recent announcement that Reviewer was not in print any more. That’s partially true, depending on how you interpret it. But as far as publishing, we’re still in business, albeit online only for now. Later on I am going to post something explaining more in detail the factors involved in this decision. But for now:

So, as many of you know (those of you who are casually if not obsessively interested in this project of ours), after 20 years and 50 issues Reviewer Magazine is on an hiatus prom print. This is temporary. We can keep away from the printed page for too long, due to the ink being a necessary part of the publisher’s life. But when Reviewer Magazine return it’ll in a slightly different format. Perhaps it’ll still be on newsprint, but it will be thicker, with more pages, and it’s also looking more and more like it’ll be on better paper. We have had a love affair with the 30lb newsprint for a long time (20 years is gold watch-worthy) but the time has come to go more archival. I should also mention that there’s going to be a cover price. The days of idealistic and valiant struggle in pursuit of the “free” press are over, and I mean that statement in every sense our current political climate can have you interpret it.

The new iteration of Reviewer in print, when it appears, with probably be mostly based on transcribed versions of it’s video format. Most if not all of the videos can be found uploaded at Vimeo and Youtube now, Vimeo being where the new files are going and the older channel at Youtube housing the archives from before.

That will be the plan: shoot video interviews and then transcribe the audio to print and post links to the video when it publishes. Video has always been the best journalistic medium anyways. The written word is a powerful genre in the hands of an eloquent writer, but coupled with a visual document which can capture setting, body language, tone of voice, as well as a myriad of other factors, Reviewer TV will be taking this direction as far as we can envision it, and then beyond.

Please join us and check out our videos at Reviewer.TV. For now here’s some raw footage I’ve been shooting these past few days while on the road:

An art community in Joshua Tree from Reviewer on Vimeo.

Leaving Pioneertown from Reviewer on Vimeo.

at the Marciano Art Gallery on Wilshire from Reviewer on Vimeo.

Laguna brushfire about 12:00 6-29-17 from Reviewer on Vimeo.

border patrol checkpoint stop 11 a.m., 6-29-17, I-5 at Camp Pendleton. from Reviewer on Vimeo.

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